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Steps to Clean Air-Conditioner At Home

Air conditioning equipments, if not serviced regularly can lead to a host of problems. Whether due to ignorance or lack of time, we tend to ignore this activity most of the times. Every time when you need to clean your air-conditioner, it is not necessary to call your local service centre. You can do it yourself at home following these simple steps.

Cleaning the Air-Conditioner

Shut off the unit before beginning to service. Check if the unit’s coils are hot or not. If hot, it means the coils are dirty and need cleaning. Also, rake over any dust or debris before you begin the servicing. Take out the cover to clean the unit coils, which look like a car radiator. Use a soft brush to clean the outside cover.

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Make sure to cover the motor and wiring with a plastic sheet before hosing down the fins, coils and inside of the unit. If you need to lubricate the motor, now is the time. Put the cover on and turn the unit on to see if it is running properly.

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